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Extend the life of your soap with this versatile bamboo soap dish. Made from sustainable bamboo and cornstarch, this eco friendly soap dish looks great on your counter and is 100% biodegradable. Special two-layer design includes a removable bamboo grid that allows your soap to drain between uses and last longer. Drip tray catches excess water to keep your counter and sink soap-free. Pieces can be pulled apart for easy cleaning. Great for your kitchen and bath and pairs well with shampoo bars and dishwashing block soap.

• Made from bamboo and corn starch

• 100% biodegradable

• Measures 5.1"l x 3.4"w x 1"h

• The bamboo insert measures approx. 4" x 2.5"

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

Arthur Ashe